Friday, August 1, 2014

Video games and epilepsy, which risks?

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Video games and epilepsy, which risks?

"The epileptic seizures caused by exposure to a screen only occur in a small proportion of epileptics (less than 5%) said photosensitive" recalls Dr. Fabrice Bartolomei,  a neurologist at the University Hospital of Marseille and Vice President of the French League against Epilepsy .

These people are particularly sensitive to light contrast screens. It is this predisposition that can cause seizures in epileptic patients placed in front of a screen, "he explains.

A priori, the " video games are not more dangerous than the act of watching a movie, because it is the differences in the same image contrast and brightness of the screen that are involved, "says neurologist. "But the fact of interacting with the screen such as having to move objects adds concentration and thus brain stimulation may promote the onset of crises," he said.

But several other parameters vary the risks a crisis occurs in photosensitive epileptic placed before a screen.

For example, TV screens are more dangerous than computer screens and those 100Hz more prone to crises than 50 Hz.

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