Friday, August 1, 2014

How to deal with an epileptic seizure?

Above all, "being very close to the screen while being placed in a dark environment is a particularly risky situation," says Dr. Bartolomei. Precisely the scenario in which was the young Chinese at the time of crisis.

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How to deal with an epileptic seizure?

Sometimes spectacular, seizures can be scary. Yet it is important to stay calm. Be aware that most crises pass themselves. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the person lie down and put it on the side protecting her head against the risk of injury. It is particularly important to ensure potentially dangerous objects away.

If convulsions, it is useless to try to prevent the movement. Best to slip a pillow under the head to prevent it might hit the ground.

After the crisis, we must remain attentive to the person because it can remain confused and disoriented for several minutes after the apparent end of the crisis.

Once seizures completed, stabilize the person to the side to clear the airways and prevent saliva or vomit from flowing back into the trachea or lungs.

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