Thursday, August 14, 2014

A head-up display compatible with the OBD socket of the car

Navdy also will feature a microphone and speaker, allowing the use of its smartphone voice assistant like Google Voice and Apple Siri to dictate text messages , initiate a voice call or invoke a service (navigation assisted listening to music, etc.). Navdy is able to share the screen to manage multiple information simultaneously.  The driver can then make a voice of a hand gesture call while continuing to follow its GPS guidance.  © Navdy

A head-up display compatible with the OBD socket of the car

Yet if the voice interfaces allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, they can be a source of potentially dangerous distraction when used for complex commands. This is also the finding of a study conducted by researchers led by Professor Brian Reimer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Last summer, Futura-Sciences presented the case head up display  created by Garmin, which projects the guiding GPS on the windshield. Navdy goes further by allowing the user to configure the box so that it displays notifications of their choice and disables others such as SMS, calendar reminders, Twitter , Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The system is able to handle multiple events to present, for example, a route and share the screen when an incoming call arrives.

The device will also be compatible with taking diagnostic of the car (OBDI-II) for the projection of the speed, tachometer, fuel autonomy or pressure tires . For now, the company designs the applications internally, but plans to open its platform to third-party developers once the product is launched. The housing should be marketed worldwide beginning in 2015, but initially, the interface will be in English only. This is available for pre-order and costs 299 dollars (224 euros). Its price will rise to 499 dollars (373 euros) a month.

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