Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Rose of Jericho belongs to sporophytes

The Rose of Jericho ( Selaginella lepidophylla) belongs to this type, and  the botanists "also called" resurrection plant " . During droughts, it is almost completely empty of its water and can lose up to 97% its mass. She abandons its color green and its cells then come into stasis, a kind of hibernation, maintained until the next rainfall. It can survive for several years.

In case of severe drought, it is detached from its roots and leaves are blowing in the wind in areas where rainfall may be higher. When again immersed in water, the leaves open and green again within hours. It's called the Rose of Jericho, in reference to the biblical town of the same name, again ravaged during the story and always rebuilt.

The Rose of Jericho belongs to sporophytes, it does not produce flowers or seeds but reproduces by spores. If the culture of the plant you are interested, know that you can easily find on the Internet .

The rose of Jericho grows easily on rocks or on a dry, acidic soil. © Sean Steininger

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