Thursday, August 14, 2014

Of healed in 4 weeks instead of 12 depressions

Fun video games from 50 years would not only be a fun activity but also contribute to help his brain! © Daniel Gale,

Of healed in 4 weeks instead of 12 depressions

The results suggest that these brain training exercises were equally effective in reducing symptoms of depression that escitalopram, more quickly. four weeks instead of two, according to the authors , "72% [of patients] had a complete remission of depression " assures Sarah Morimoto Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry in New York, co-author of the study.

A complete clinical study with a larger number of patients would be needed to confirm these findings, the researchers admit, but they hope their study will encourage more research into alternative therapies for depression proved.

The programs were developed to test a theory that brain aging can be fought through intense practice of this type of game, to regain function of learning and memory lost and improve decision-making in view to improving the state of depressed. Previous research has shown that low levels of certain intellectual functions also led to a poor response to antidepressants.

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