Friday, August 1, 2014

graphene are conducted by members of the University of Pennsylvania

it is not surprised to learn that work on graphene are conducted by members of the University of Pennsylvania, who, with colleagues Belgian and Korean, just published in Nano Letters article on this subject.

Graphene could have many applications in electronics and even medical researchers as explained in this video. For a French translation can be quite loyal, click the rectangle with two horizontal bars on the bottom right. Subtitles in English should then appear, if it is not already. By simply moving the mouse over the rectangle, you should see the words "Translate subtitles." Click to bring up the menu language selection, select "French" and then click "OK". © University of Pennsylvania, YouTube

Of graphene nanoribbons for future electronics

Physicists want to know how involved a graphene sheet with edges cut to different shapes when traversed by an electric current . For the first time, they managed to combine in a single experiment and observation cutting a ribbon of graphene in a given pattern and the extent of its conductive properties.

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