Thursday, August 14, 2014

Project your smartphone on the windshield with Navdy

Project your smartphone on the windshield with Navdy

The start-up Navdy is preparing to market a high-head display system that interfaces with an Android or iOS smartphone to project all the features and applications on a transparent screen on the windshield of a car. The driver can then control all the voice and gestures.

The head-up display Navdy box connects via Bluetooth with an Android smartphone or iPhone.  It displays all the notifications received by the mobile and allows the driver to control functions through simple gestures and voice.  © Navdy

View their smartphone while driving is not only forbidden, but also very dangerous. However, the temptation to take a look fast on the screen when an alert signals the arrival of an email or a new message on her social network favorite ... Navdy , a start ( start-up ) North American, wants to allow drivers to enjoy the features of their devices without eyes off the road. Also she designed a box that connects wirelessly Bluetooth with smartphone Android or iOS .

This is a head-up display system that installs on the cap of the dashboard. A miniprojecteur disseminates information on a screen transparent 5.1 inch. With a camera infrared , the motorist can control the functions with very simple steps: scanning the index to the left to accept an incoming call even move to the right to refuse, even for the music player.

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