Monday, July 28, 2014

Itching often Bloating or Bread Eating Out​​? Beware of Gluten allergy

bread wheat allergy glutten listening toar shrimp allergy, dairy, eggs, or nuts generally have often us. Yes, these foods are quite often cause allergies in some people. But there are other food allergies that you may rarely hear, the gluten allergy. Gluten allergy is generally triggered by wheat.

Gluten allergy

Gluten allergy is still foreign to the ear. However, without knowing it, probably a lot of people around us who may have a gluten allergy. Signs that we can recognize easily when there is such a reaction or itching bloating after eating foods containing gluten.

Iris Rengganis, an immunology expert doctor explained, when there is itching after eating bread, people immediately blame the peanut butter into the content of the bread. In fact, when examined more deeply, which may cause allergic reactions are the bread itself.

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