Monday, July 28, 2014

How fast Miley Cyrus hits the wall?

How fast Miley she hits the wall?

Obviously, the skinny star does not have the same mass as a wrecking ball. To have the same impact on a wall, it is necessary that its speed is much higher.

To determine this, the author of the momentum (P), which is simply the product of mass and velocity.

P = mv = 1000 x 9.904 = 9904 kg dm -1 , the momentum of the ball.

This allows to deduce the speed of Miley Cyrus, which we estimate the mass of 70 kg bra and panties included.

v = 9 904/70 = 141.49 ms -1  = 509 kmh -1

Our starlet should tumble more than 500 km / h hope to hit as hard as a wrecking ball. It remains to find a suitable propulsion system. Her plastic dream may take a hit.

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