Thursday, May 16, 2013

Download Dark Avenger APK

Gamevil and Boolean Games’s highly anticipated RPG Dark Avenger has been officially released and is now available for Android. This Diablo-esque dungeon crawler cast players as one of three legendary hero types who must defeat a host of demons and undead who have descended upon the lands of the living. Bashing skeletons, looting treasure chests, and slaying giant monsters are all just another day in Dark Avenger.

Its not all the same with Dark Avenger though, as the hack ‘n slash title has a few tricks up its sleeve. In a mobile twist on a classic rpg staple, dungeons are now completely endless in addition to being procedurally generated, which is sure to delight elite dungeon masters. An included multiplayer mode allows players to take their heroes online in PvP competition for treasure and coin.

Download Dark Avenger APK

Dark Avenger for Android

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